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Sommy Restaurant

The Sommy restaurant stands overlooking the rice fields next door to the swimming pool. Enjoy your breakfast accompanied by wild bird’s song, or have your lunch while enjoying the natural breeze, even take your dinner accompanied by the rhythm of frogs and crickets sounds, it will really be a very interesting experience for you. It also makes it easier for you to order food or drinks while swimming.

Swimming Pools

Adil Villa & Resort is equipped with several swimming pools. All swimming pools are public pools, except the private villa’s pool. All of our swimming pools offer beautiful views of the rice fields, which will make your body seem to forget to get dry. There are many things you can do in the swimming pool, enjoy your meal, have a coffee, or take a sun bath while being spoiled by the beautiful views of the rice fields.

Hotel Garden

Our main hotel garden is located in the middle of the hotel area. This garden has a beautiful view of natural rice field background. There is a gazebo that you can use to relax while enjoying the surrounding natural atmosphere. There is also a place to take pictures in the shape of a heart made of rattan. This place is perfect for taking photos with a wide rice field background.

Rice Field

The rice fields surrounding Adil Villa & Resort are the property of the hotel. This rice field creates a calm and natural atmosphere that makes you comfortable while resting at Adil. In the morning you can take a walk enjoying the fresh air along the rice fields while listening to the birds singing. The harvest from this rice field also fulfills the rice supply in our restaurant.

Organic Farm

Don’t worry about ordering local food at our restaurant, because most of the herbs, vegetables and fruits we use come from organic farms that we have in the hotel area. If you want, you can also take a look at our organic farm by walking around while looking at the natural methods we use in this farm.

Wedding Chapel

Our wedding chapel stands among beautiful rice fields. The semi-open design is surrounded by a koi fish pond and fragrant lotus flowers. It can seats up to 80 guests and sets a truly elegant scene for the most important day of your life. Turn your dreams of a fairy tale wedding into reality when you say ‘I do’ at our wedding chapel

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